Camera Viewing through our State of the Art Security Surveillance System

View all of your Los Angeles security cameras on a single screen or one at a time, selectively stream video, pan and tilt, cover multiple angles of a room or move the cameras around the premises whenever you want.

With our complete installation package price of $1260, which includes 4 Day / Night Vision Cameras and DVR system you'll be able to view live video from anywhere around the world, receive alerts of activity from the surveillance system on your mobile device. 

You will need to determine what type of camera you want. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
• Will your cameras be used indoors or out?

• Should it be a visual deterrent or discreet?

• Is there a particular look you prefer?

There are numerous camera types to consider for indoors and out— from PTZs, box cameras, mini-domes and bullets.

Pan/tilt/zoom cameras are very versatile. PTZ cameras can pan (move left and right), tilt (move up and down), and zoom in or out. Additionally, PTZ cameras can rotate 360 degrees to view an object directly below them. Indoor and outdoor options are available.

Box cameras are comprised of the camera body, lens and power supply. For indoor use, a mount bracket is required for installation. For outdoor use, a housing is required.

Dome cameras are half spherical-shaped cameras. These cameras are usually used when discreet applications are needed. They can be vandal resistant, and indoor and outdoor options are available.

Bullet cameras are stylish with a bullet-like shape. Some come with infrared lighting, and they can be used indoors or out.

Multiple Camera Demo
Pan-Tilt Demo in Office
Our cameras are portable and can be placed inside or outside your home or business.